Marlo Kapsa Releases Two New Songs, 'Cosmos' and 'Diuretics' by John Knight

As a singer-songwriter in Seattle, WA, Marlo Kapsa weaves guitar, synthesizer, and melancholy lyrics to make irresistibly emotional music. ‘Cosmos’ and ‘Diuretics’ are swirling synth-wave ballads reverberating with warm synth and alto sax lines. With each new release Marlo is being wildly creative in her voice and her sonic pallet.


Jack Knight and Scotty Jenkins (The Mondegreens) bring rock music to Seattle Public Schools by John Knight

Check out Jack Knight and Scott Jenkins (The Mondegreens) playing with their students at Sand Point Elementary. "This teacher-created after-school program teaches 2nd-5th graders how to play and perform instruments in a rock band. Groups of students formed and named their own bands, practiced after school each week, and then performed for our school community at a school assembly."

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Bustcast Podcast releases Ep. 4, featuring Sarah Albritton by John Knight

The Bustcast Podcast is produced by brothers Cameron and Nolan Ford. It covers news in comedy and pop culture in the form of original sketch mash-ups and satirical cover songs. Every week they interview a comedian and have special voice and music guests.

Available in iTunes Podcasts and on Soundcloud. Hear episode 4 featuring an interview with Sarah Albritton and voice contributions by Jack Knight. Link to Episode 4.

Adventures of Rocketman & Beano Plays Bumbershoot Sept. 1-2, 2017 by John Knight

"Two superheroes fight fascism and evil. One of them is played by Christine Longé, who won the Seattle Fringe Festival's Audience Choice Award in 2014. She and Tom Spangenberg will entertain you with original music and clowning adventures that bring to mind "Batman and Robin doing Lucy and Desi."

Includes original music Composed by Jack Knight

More event info here: Bumbershoot Official Website

Also featured in Ed’s Picks at Vancouver Fringe Festival  read more here: