Meet jack Knight:

Recording engineer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, Composer

Wether you are a songwriter looking to record your first EP or you're an established band wanting to up your production value on your next project, Jack can help you. Projects big and small Jack has valuable experience and knowledge to lend to your project. Jack will make sure your music recording reaches it full potential by leveraging his expertise of music theory and the latest technologies available in the music industry. Recording can be a daunting experience. Be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck with Jack Knight!


North Park Studio

Track and produce your Music in a small Studio setting:

Located near Northgate Mall. Work on your project in a relaxed environment. Enjoy access to a Rhodes piano, various tube amps, tons of guitars, and endless virtual instruments. You can even track acoustic drums! And get it all done on a budget!

Rates starting at $30/hr



Add a professional touch to your record at a full scale studio:

Located in SODO. Bring your project into an amazing professional grade studio. Get a classic analog sound by tracking to tape! Track your band live or mix your album with top quality outboard gear.

Rates starting at $300/day